Coma ou Leve

An original concept, on the market since 1976. Meals ready to eat, with a history that stay in the memory of those who visit them.

Coma ou Leve




Laravel, MySQL, Pusher


1 month


Project Challenges

The ordering process became one of the main reasons why "Coma ou Leve" looked for Buzzvel.

There was an urgency to automate the process and even correspond to customers expectations regarding orders in one of the highest sales seasons, Christmas and New Year, with around 1000 orders per day.


Buzzvel conducted a needs analysis with the client and presented a solution for developing a CRM platform for internal use based on Coma ou Leve's immediate needs (an easy and quick ordering process).


With the use of the CRM platform, it was possible to automate the orders internally. Although the entry of application data is the responsibility of Coma ou Leve, the platform processes them after their insertion. Then, it sends them directly to the customer for detailed order confirmation.

According to Coma ou Leve, streamlining this process saved about 1 (one) week of work and several hours in treating data, bureaucratic processes previously solved on paper.

CRM also allows for a better organizational organization, making it possible to manage internal workflow and team organization - such as delivery.

With this internal organization, Coma ou Leve guarantees greater flexibility to receive new orders and respond to a greater flow of orders from the end customer.

Currently, Coma ou Leve is developing with Buzzvel a new functionality focused on store stock management.

Coma ou Leve
Coma ou Leve
Coma ou Leve

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