We built this platform and APP that allowed primary users to track medical tests.



Mobile / Web


InertiaJs, ReactJs, React-native, Style-componets, Laravel, TailwindCss, Inertia


4 months


Project Challenges

Currently, it is difficult to control where certain blood tests are performed in certain parts of the world. Due to the high number of tests performed for rare diseases and their lack of tracking, it is necessary to identify some data that can easily geographically position a given test performed. For this, each test will have an associated barcode and will be mapped with a hospital and a doctor in charge.


Buzzvel analyzed the client's project and sought to present a strategy to respond to PTC's primary need and also idealized the optimization, speed and effectiveness of existing processes, driving the evolution of the project.

Developed a CRM and APP was developed to provide more comprehensive and detailed information about each test and organize the information for different users.


With the development of the CRM platform, PTC will be able to drive the evolution of its business and make the project much more profitable.

This CRM makes a detailed collection of data and keeps it permanently, not allowing its elimination. In this sense, the data can always be retrieved and consulted if necessary.

In addition, by allowing a more comprehensive collection of information, it leads to a greater amount of information available to be used, allowing the expansion of the network.


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