arrow-return-white Docker - A dream for all developers

Docker is an open source platform that makes it easy to create and administer isolated environments. It makes it possible to package an application or environment inside a container, making it portable to any other host that has Docker installed.


A few words about this technology

Docker was launched in 2013, which is a platform for container management. The conatiner is nothing more than the packaging of the project and its dependencies in a standardized way.

Technology greatest strengths


Docker containers guarantee the standardization of the project, this can be repeated for other projects. With this standardization, you could easily revert any changes that break the application.


Docker images will also be executed independently of the server or notebook. Which reduces the time to set up and maintain the environment.


Because Docker can be used in a wide variety of environments, the infra is no longer tied to the application environment.


Docker ensures that applications running in containers are segregated and isolated from others.

Docker allows the creation of an infrastructure that will be executed by everyone equally, without any problems regarding the notebook that is running, thereby reducing the time for error checks related to the execution environment.