arrow-return-white An approachable, performant and versatile framework for building web user interfaces.

vuejs had its origin in 2011, by the hands of Taylor Otwell, and quickly became popular, this is due to its ease of implementation and logical structure. Currently vuejs is considered one of the best PHP development tools.


A few words about this technology

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework, with an Open Source license, which allows the development of user interfaces and single page products

Technology greatest strengths


Vue.js has a simple and scalable structure which allows its easy addition to the project.


Vue.js has flexible features allowing you to write javascript and html files.


Vue.js allows easy integration with existing applications, this is due to the fact that it is built in javascript and is able to integrate easily with other javascripts applications.

As mentioned in the previous section, Vue.js allows for good flexibility and easy adoption. It supports the development of simple quickly configure a small project.interface to robust interfaces.